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How to Modify Default Virtualhost Template in Directadmin

If you own a Direactadmin server, most probably you would like to add something to default virtualhost settings, when a new user is created. You might need any specific php settings, or anything related to Apache – this doesn’t really matter. Let’s see where we can modify these settings; you will need SSH access to your server as… Read More »

How to fix “Mailbox in Use” Error in DirectAdmin

Today I went back from my short trip to the country. First of all I decided to check my mail, and when I did it, I got the following error in my E-mail client: !25.07.2008, 19:20:39: FETCH -ERR [IN-USE] Mailbox in use. That’s not the first time when such an error happens and I already know the solution… Read More »

Awstats and Directadmin – Now Supported Officially

Today I have updated my Directadmin installation and found that version 1.322 has appeared a few days ago. One of most intersting features I found was awstats support. I’ve been using awstats plugin for a while and now it is integrated in DirectAdmin. In order to add awstats support to your Directadmin installation you have to perform some… Read More »

How to Set the Correct Hostname for Directadmin

Often after initial Directadmin setup, made by your server provider, you keep getting the following message: Subject: This is e-mail notification to warn you that your hostname is setup improperly on your system. You keep getting this e-mail daily until you do something with your hostname. It’s quite a strange thing that hostname isn’t set up during main… Read More »

Setting Custom Error Pages for All User Domains with .htaccess on a Directadmin Server

Sometimes it is useful to use custom error pages on all user domains  (In case of maintenance, new software installation, etc). It’s a pity you are unable to do it for all user domains in Directadmin, just for a single one. But htaccess comes to help us this time. Go to /home/admin/domains (certainly, replace admin with your username)… Read More »

Home to Disable PHP Safe Mode and open_basedir in Directadmin

Sometimes you need to remove limits that are automatically added by DirectAdmin. For example, you are not allowed to include files from anywhere but your home directory, you cannot use CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION in php and so on. The first case is the result of open_basedir protection. If you’re not running a hosting service and all sites are yours, it… Read More »

How To Repair And Optimize All Mysql Databases

When I tried to create admin backup for DirectAdmin, I got the message that one of my MySQL databases has errors and these errors were propagated to my backup. I’d suggest this to DirectAdmin developers, as using a simple command should avoid such errors. There is a linux shell tool called mysqlcheck, that allows to check, repair and… Read More »