Server administration services
A qualified administrator is of no less importance as quality hardware or reliable software. What’s more, a good administrator will manage to ‘squeeze’ the most possible performance from both hardware and software, smooth away their imperfections, prevent most failures.

If you choose our services, all preventable problems will be prevented and avoidable incidents avoided. Should some indivertible problem occur, I together with my team will do my best to solve it before it seriously affects operation of the server.

We have 13 year experience – for IT industry it is a mature age indeed. During these years I have gained plenty of unique experience in remote Linux, FreeBSD, AIX and Windows system administration, so I am unlikely to be confused by some complex or non-trivial problem. I really am able to ensure stable and reliable operation of any web project – from a single server to complex cluster systems.

What do I do to achieve top performance and reliability of the servers:

Performance tuning
My experience shows that such simple thing as correct configuration and setting aimed at the Client’s specific needs boosts server performance, helps use its resource most efficiently. I do know how to deal with high-loaded servers and systems. For every project they carry out optimization at all levels, from web app to system kernel and web stack, lowering the risk of failure due to peak load.
Proactive monitoring
Monitoring is performed round-the-clock, with check interval starting from 60 seconds. It helps to detect the slightest signs of a problem which is going to occur, so appropriate measures can be taken in advance. You will be instantly notified about the incident in a way you specify – by email, or jabber, or phone.

Doing all routine procedures carefully and on time
Everything should be done properly and on time. For me it isn’t a cliche – it is a guide to action. Custom setting of hardware and software helps to avoid failures which are otherwise inevitable. Security audit at all levels – from web applications to the entire system, installing all updates and patches as soon as they are released, setting firewalls, will make servers considerably safer. Regular backup will guarantee that valuable data won’t be irretrievably lost. Day after day I do plenty of routine work for the only purpose – to make your servers work perfectly. Our administrators do their best to prevent the problems that could be prevented, and quickly mitigate after-effects of those that couldn’t.

Backups and data recovery
Regular backup is an only measure that ensures that your data will never be lost irretrievably. The one who neglects backup completely or performs it irregularly, faces a risk of losing valuable data due to his own carelessness.

24/7 support
Our support team works round-o-clock to help you deal with any problem that might arise.

Typical server administration issues we deal with:

  •     DNS server administration (BIND, PowerDNS)
  •    web server administration and optimization (Apache, lighttpd,nginx, etc.)
  •     mail server setup and tuning, protection against spam and malware (Sendmail, Exim, Postfix)
  •     database server setup and administration (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  •     load balancing setup for high-loaded systems, cluster solutions based on Pacemaker/Corosync, DRBD and cluster file systems
  •     security audit, custom security measures and server-side firewall solutions
  •     backup solutions and data recovery

Rates and payments

Our rates are discussed individually, depending on complexity, number of servers, etc. Please, use our contact form to describe what you need and I will reply with the price quote shortly. Our typical Service Level Agreement for dedicated server administration can be obtained here.

We accept Webmoney, Paypal and Bitcoin payments. If you want to pay via wire transfer, or any other option, that is not yet listed here, just drop us a message and we will find the way to accept your funds.

One-time Assistance

If you have a certain task and don’t require monthly assistance, you can order it here. Our basic rate is $50 per hour; simple tasks like updating PHP or setting up a DNS server will not take more than 30 minutes. You can pre-pay our services using the following information:

Paypal: send payment to as payment for goods and services and specify what exactly you need in payment description.

Webmoney: send payment to Z160995531069, and then use the form below to describe your needs.

Cryptocurrencies: Please, use this link to pay with any cryptocurrency (just specify the total amount). We accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. If you prefer Bitcoin, please, send a direct bitcoin payment to 38s8TLkoyYrAq9sVrEHqEiy6fNBphTLeKk, and then use the form below to describe your needs.

When your payment and task details are received, we will assign a specialist to resolve your issue within 24 hours. If for any reason we are unable to help you, your payment will be fully refunded.

We can provide invoices for all our services. For regular maintenance plans, please, contact our support.

For urgent queries here are our contact details:

Phone: +37254860896
Skype: vovanux_2005

Our Requisites:

Lampdoc SRL,
IDNO 1012600035329
Zadnipru 7/4 ap 132,
Chisinau, MD2044,
IBAN MD31MO2224ASV58035227100 (for USD payments).

Please, note, that the amount for Wire transfers must exceed $1000. Please, do not send any funds before you receive an invoice with exact payment destination and amount.

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