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How to Create and Use a Self-Signed Server Certificate in Directadmin

If you would like to use SSL for your needs, you should have a certificate. Certificates are usually purchased, but if you need just to use SSL for your own needs, you don’t need to. There is a command that allows you to create a shared certificate for your server and use it for your own needs. /usr/bin/openssl… Read More »

Roundcube Bug Found in Directadmin: How to Fix

An urgent message came from my hosting service provider. They’re telling me that a vulnerability has been found in Directadmin, and it is related to Roundcube. Since there is no patch available yet, they recommend to do the following to prevent your server going down: # cd /var/www/html # rm -rf roundcubemail-* roundcube # mkdir roundcube # echo… Read More »

How to Update Major Server Software on a Directadmin Server

Sometimes you need to update your server software in order to comply with some new scripts, etc. It is quite hard to do this manually: it takes much time. Directasdmin guys have created a nice script, that allows you to update all you need at once, with a single command. Here is how to do this: Let’s go… Read More »

How to Enable Iconv for PHP on a DirectAdmin Linux Server

I haven’t found a good guide on this that’s why I decided to create my own. iconv functions are great if you’re working with text information stored using different encodings and it is essential to have it on your server. Let’s take we have Directadmin with Apache 2 support (please, read my previous articles to find out how… Read More »