How to Upgrade Apache From 1.3 to 2.0 on a Directadmin Server

By | October 21, 2008

When you get your new Directadmin server, it comes with default settings like Apache 1.3 and PHP4. I have already written how to update PHP version to PHP5. Today I will post a solution that can be used to upgrade your apache installation on a Directadmin server.

The idea is not mine, it is taken from Directadmin Official Site and is also listed on Directadmin Forum. I will post it here as I am trying to create a comprehensive guide on how to deal with Linux servers. So, first of all we need to have root access, and I’d advise you to shut down Apache before trying to update it. The command is

service httpd stop

Next you need to do the following list of commands:

cd /usr/local/directadmin/customapache
./build update
./build clean
./build update_data_ap2
./build convert
./build apache_2
./build php_ap2 n
./build mod_frontpage_ap2
./build mod_perl_ap2
/sbin/service httpd restart

This will download and install the latest Apache build and will compile it with most used modules. After the Apache is rebooted, your changes are applied and you should have a fully functional version of Apache. I just performed this action on the VPS where this site is located in order to improve its performance. I recommend you to do the same.