Simple Site Redirection With DirectAdmin

By | June 13, 2008

Today I’ll write about the rarely used Directadmin feature named Site Redirection. If you’re not familiar with htaccess and want to create some redirects, then this is especially for you.

The interface is easy to understand. You have to enter Local URL Path, Redirect Type (It will be visible in request headers. I’d suggest to use 301 if you aren’t planning to take redirect off your site.

Destination url should begin with http:// and it will be that url where your site visitors will come. Sometines, when you have long initial paths with variables that are sent via GET, you should all ‘?’ or ‘&’ at the end of your destination url in order to avoid bad request.

This method is not so flexible as htaccess, but it’s great for beginners if you want to create some redirects.