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Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds (born on December 28, 1969, Finland, Helsinki) is a famous software engineer. Torvalds marked the beginning of development of the Linux kernel and git revision control system. He grew interested in computers thanks to his maternal grandfather. In 1988 Linus Torvalds joined the University of Helsinki. In 1986 he graduated the University by taking his master… Read More »

Free Software Foundation Activity

Free software is software that offers a compute user the freedom to study, modify and redistribute it. Free software is considered the foundation of a learning society, whose purpose is to share experience and knowledge with other computer users and programmers. The free software movement was founded by world famous programmer Richard Stallman in 1983. At that time… Read More »

Richard Stallman

Richard Stallman (born March, 16 1953, New York City) is a world famous programmer. He is the author of such programs as GNU Emacs, the GNU Compiler Collection, and GNU Debugger. Stallman is also considered the founder of free software, GNU project, Free Software Foundation and League for Programming Freedom. During his years of studies at Harvard University,… Read More »

Free Software. Why Is It Free?

Free software is software that gives its users the right to unlimited installation, program startup, free usage, studying, redistribution and modifying. The software is available free of charge, however in some cases it can have a fee. The name “free software” had been previously used in the Unix world. Not long ago it was accepted in the general… Read More »

Free Software Advantages

Pragmatic Advantages of Free Software Free software is distinguished by good quality because the code is studied and revised by a great number of programmers. The packages of free software are usually well designed in order to attract many developer communities. Another pragmatic advantage of the software in question is considered to be its security. This fact is… Read More »

Open Source Initiative

Open Source Initiative is an organization which has been founded to promote free software. OSI was founded by Bruce Perens and Eric Steven Raymond in February, 1998. At that time Netscape Communications Corporation published Netscape Communicator source code as free software because of the decline in profits and competition with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Eric Raymond was at the… Read More »

Basic Rules of Working with Secret Information

Due to the fact that free operating systems are designed with the modern conceptions of data security in mind, users should know that the main reason of the most “cracking” and data-stealing cases is their lack of attention, and not bugs or errors in the software they are using. Let’s start with such an understandable and well known… Read More »