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Fixing Garmin Connect Bluetooth Pairing Issue with Huawei Phone

Today I have tried to setup my New Year Gift – Huawei P10 Lite with my old friend – Garmin Vivoactive. Since it took me more than 4 hours in total, I would like to share the solution with you, as it seems that the issue is related to most Huawei phone – Garmin Watch pair. I am… Read More »

ZTE Blade (Orange San Francisco): How to Flash New Firmware

Yesterday my friend brought me an Orange San Francisco phone, asking me to reset it. I’ve tried various methods, described on sites, but the only one that worked was to flash new firmware. When I tried to reset it using Privacy – Erase Personal Information, the phone just hanged up after reboot. The method I describe below will… Read More »

SSH for Android: What to Install?

Most of us need solutions to manage our servers when we’re on the way. Since mobile internet can be found almost anywhere, today I will share my preferred applications to use SSH for Android operation system.