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How to Set Custom DocumentRoot for a Domain in DirectAdmin

If you need to permanently change Apache DocumentRoot for just a single domain, you should do this as Admin. Go to http://[domain]:2222/CMD_CUSTOM_HTTPD?domain=[domain] In the first window, under Only add the few lines of the VirtualHost you need to insert. Do not add a whole .. Add the following line: |?DOCROOT=/custom/document/root| Don’t forget to put pipes at the start… Read More »

How to Update Python to Version 3.4 on a Directadmin Server

If you have a Directadmin server and a python app, that requires at least version 3, here is the fastest solution. 1. If you haven’t done so yet, you have to enable EPEL repository. Here is how: yum install epel-release 2. Install python 3.4 yum install python34 3. install pip and setuptools curl -O sudo /usr/bin/python3.4… Read More »

/usr/local/lib/ no version information available – Working Fix (Directadmin Server)

Sometimes when you need to install something that interacts with libz, you might get the following message (I have faced it while installing git): Solution is simple – most probably you already have a library with right version, just the symbolic link to it is wrong. First of all, find version you are using: You should see… Read More »

How to Disable Brute Force Notifications in Directadmin

If you have a Directadmin server, you should know that it’s a shame for the server administrator to clear brute force notification messages. Especially, if you have lots of users, the number of notifications can be exorbitant. Let me show you how does my panel look like after a week: And here is the messages window: You can… Read More »