Awstats and Directadmin – Now Supported Officially

By | July 22, 2008

Today I have updated my Directadmin installation and found that version 1.322 has appeared a few days ago. One of most intersting features I found was awstats support. I’ve been using awstats plugin for a while and now it is integrated in DirectAdmin.

In order to add awstats support to your Directadmin installation you have to perform some simple steps:

cd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts

This will do several things.
– download and install the awstats setup.
– add awstats=1 to your directadmin.conf
– add webalizer=0 in your directadmin.conf (webalizer will be shut off, you can override it if you want both)

Webalizer stats are quite simple and not so informative as awstats data is. You will have some log changes, but this should not affect your server performance. You can read more about this at DirectAdmin official site.