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Exim Problem: unable to set gid or uid (euid=8): domain_filter router

Today I’ve noticed a strange thing after Directadmin software update. Exim stopped processing e-mails, the thing that is really necessary for any server. I’ve started to look through log files to identify the problem. Here is what I have at the moment. My mainlog (/var/log/exim/mainlog) is full of messages like this: 2008-10-30 19:27:02 exim 4.67 daemon started: pid=16453,… Read More »

Starting dovecot: Fatal: listen(993) failed: Address already in use

On some servers Dovecot doesn’t start automatically after reboot. That is a fault of the system administrator, but if you need to bring it back working there is a solution, that seems to be effective with all instances of listen() failed. Let’s take we’re trying to start dovecot and getting the following error: Fatal: listen(993) failed: Address already… Read More »

How to fix “Mailbox in Use” Error in DirectAdmin

Today I went back from my short trip to the country. First of all I decided to check my mail, and when I did it, I got the following error in my E-mail client: !25.07.2008, 19:20:39: FETCH -ERR [IN-USE] Mailbox in use. That’s not the first time when such an error happens and I already know the solution… Read More »

Working With E-mail Using Telnet

We often send and receive e-mails. Thanks to spammers, we do more receive mail than send it, but it is not the glue. We usually use e-mail clients that are negotiating with POP3 (IMAP) and SMTP servers. Though IMAP is more secure, POP3 is much simpler and you can find it anywhere. But… let’s imagine your e-mail client… Read More »