Setting Custom Error Pages for All User Domains with .htaccess on a Directadmin Server

By | June 25, 2008

Sometimes it is useful to use custom error pages on all user domainsĀ  (In case of maintenance, new software installation, etc). It’s a pity you are unable to do it for all user domains in Directadmin, just for a single one. But htaccess comes to help us this time.

Go to /home/admin/domains (certainly, replace admin with your username) and create a .htaccess file containing the following code:

ErrorDocument 404

This code will be valid for all domains that are owned by this user, so you don’t need to change your custom error pages one by one.

It’s a pity Directadmin doesn’t have any options for bulk domain options, i.e. bulk domain addiction, bulk DNS modification, etc. Bulk error code setting could also be a nice feature for such a panel and hope it will be realized soon