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HTML Code to Add a Flash Banner on the Page

Today I am coming with a simple solution for those who have never had experience with Flash. For example, you have exchanged banners with another site and all you have is a swf file and you have no idea how to add it to your site. Here is a brief guide. First of all, you need to determine… Read More »

How to Open a Javascript Pop Up With Fixed Size

Modern browsers in their default settings are blocking pop up windows. A simple will not open a pop-up as most probably it will be blocked. But what to do if you need to show a special offer or something like this? I’d suggest you to open a window on user action, e.g. clicking a button or moving… Read More »

How to Reload a Page Only Once Using Javascript

Here is a small piece of code that allows to reload a page only once. This is necessary to prevent some data being cached and this is the only solution I found good for my needs. Meta tag nocache did not save me, and meta tag refresh does not allow to refresh the page only once. So here… Read More »

Showing an Image on Remote Server Error

If you’re hotlinking images from other servers (this is often used when adding banner codes), you might face the situation when remote server becomes unavailable. This will spoil your site look, if you don’t add a simple code, that allows to solve this issue. <img src=”BANNER URL(REMOTE)” onError=”this.src=’LOCAL URL SHOWN ON REMOTE SERVER ERROR'” height=31 width=88> This simple… Read More »