Effective Time Tracking Software for Windows and Pocket PC

By | February 8, 2010

Time management is an important thing today. If you don’t know how to manage your time, how to find time for great things, you will hardly achieve your goals. How to find out where is your time? You will need to track it, using a simple notepad, of a software package, if you like to do it more professionally.

I have been searching for an utility that allows to track time and to categorize it. Software should be able to create reports so I could see all my time spent at a glance.

There are some similar applications created for Linux. You can check Hamster, Gnotime (not supported), and Timebox : these are the most well known. I would like to show you an application, that can be run using Wine: Timepanic.

Timepanic is an application for tracking time spent at the computer (Windows version) and other time (Pocket PC edition). If you need to keep track of the work you do and when you do it, and want to stay on top of tracking projects or your business, then TimePanic is the ideal solution.

It allows you to improve your efficiency at work,keep on top of all your projects. watch an overview of all your priorities, see where the time is going in your day, see which projects/clients consume the most time. and many other features.

Timepanic is not only a computer application; it comes bundled with a Pocket PC version. It is used if you have a Windows Mobile Phone, or a Pocket PC, and you would like to track your time out of office. It is very useful to track traffic times, waiting, and any other activities that are a part of your life and you want to keep track of them.

The most useful thing of Timepanic as the ability to create reports. Reports will show you how much time is spent on each of your projects or time category so you could see it and make necessary changes.

If you are a time management fan, you must have this software.