All You Need to Know about Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

By | August 17, 2012

The Windows installer cleanup utility has been designed to solve the uninstallation issues of programs that make use of Windows installer technology.

The main purpose of this utility is to safely remove Windows installer settings from your system if any problem arises such as:

  • There are many instances of setup operating at the same time or any instance of setup has been blocked.
  • Your computer’s registry gets damaged
  • You or someone else using your system unintentionally alters the windows installer registry settings. This will lead to a problem where the installation of any program using windows installer will get intermittent.

The clean up utility tends to delete all the Windows installer information related to selected programs, which are included in the Add/Remove section in the control panel. Windows installer cleanup utility does not delete their files; it just removes the installer information for that specific program.

If you are planning to delete the settings of a program that is presently installed on your system, that program will not be able to add or remove components, not even for repairing itself. Therefore, to avoid such problems, it is advised that you should reinstall your programs before using them.

The Windows installer cleanup utility checks out registry references and files associated to Windows installer that were installed by many other programs as well and effectively removes the invalid entries.

The utility is workable in all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft windows. This utility was initiated by Microsoft during the year 1999, in order to assist Windows-oriented computers on how to clean up installed programs that are difficult to get deleted from the add/remove section of control panel in Microsoft windows.

This utility is used as an attempt during the eleventh-hour to deal with a problematic program. People who are signed in as system administrator can only avail this utility. This utility changes registry values and files related to Windows installer portion on the program, it will not delete many files from your computer.

This cleanup utility is designed in such a way that it repairs the problems that occur when Windows installer is damaged. This cleanup utility can easily solve registry problems and other different errors.

For users who come across problems with the Windows installer automatically repairing their own installation when the user has modified some of the binaries manually, Windows installer cleanup utility is most preferred to remove Windows installer information. It leaves the actual installation unaffected.

Please, note that Microsoft does not support this utility, starting from 2010. You can still find in on the Web and use it for older versions of Windows, e.g. XP, 2000, etc. Now you can use Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter that is available for free download and works perfectly for Windows 7. If you still need Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, you can find it here.