Dvd-r/Rw Media Requires Setting Mode Page To Use DAO Writing

By | December 8, 2010

Recently I have performed the cleanup on my laptop. This means I have deleted the software I don’t use or I am not sure what it’s for. After that my Ultraiso started failing when I tried to burn a DVD. Error message was “Dvd-r/Rw Media Requires Setting Mode Page To Use DAO Writing”. I have tried to change some settings without any success.

Since some programs were deleted, I tried to find which one was necessary for UltraISO. Strange thing, but it was Intel Matrix Storage Manager. I have never used it and not sure what’s it for, but it was necessary for UltraISO for burning a DVD. So, if you have such an error, you should check whether you have all drivers installed. Especially this is related to storage controllers, raid controller drivers and so on. This could be essential for you if you need to burn a DVD with UltraISO. Make sure you don’t have any unknown devices in your hardware list.