A Quick Guide to Choose the Best Time Management Software

By | July 9, 2018

Time is a precious resource and can’t be gotten back, we all have 24 hours in a day and some use it judiciously while others don’t because of poor time management. If we don’t organize our task and responsibilities well, we end up procrastinating on our duties and end up with rushed work or a not so good job and stress.

Time management software will help you keep record of your time spent on tasks and projects so you know if you are spending too much time on a particular task and if you need to move on to  the next project.This software is the electronic version of a timesheet and can be used in all industries and by all professionals, freelancers, big, medium and small businesses.

In this article, we will discuss the 5 top time management software you can use to remain productive and organized.


This tracking software is for the team lead, it allows the team manager to see what his team members are working on and edit task to suit the project. It is completely free for a team of 9 people and its aim is to increase productivity and collaboration.

Time Camp

This software comes in free version which makes it relatively cheap and it allows you track time automatically and manually. It is very convenient for freelancers as it helps you bill clients accurately, it also lets you generate reports and invoices for work done.


This app is very popular and flexible, you can install it on mobile, desktop, laptop, MacBook and sync them so you can start tracking your task on mobile and stop on your desktop. It is easy to use too, you just need to type in your task and click start and when you are done you click finish and that’s it. You can track time for free but it cost just a little amount to have access to other features like reporting or project management and the aim of this tracking app is to build teamwork.


This tool helps you see whether your projects are over budget, how much of your employees’ hours are billable, and whether you need to bring on some extra help. Sometimes we can be so overwhelmed an of track that we need a little help with the project we are working on, you can outsource some of your projects to a recognized Magento Ecommerce Agency or SEO agency for a job well done within a specific time.


This is a simple weekly planner where you input your task for each day of the week to help you plan your day, see your week task at a glance to know what you need to do and which is a priority then rearrange tasks with drag-and-drop, and if you create a free account, your items will be saved.

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