PayPal Fee Calculator – Estimate Your Spends Before Any Purchase

By | August 25, 2012

PayPal allows users to transfer their money and make payments online. A PayPal Fee Calculator can calculate charges on services. The method is entirely electronic and avoids the use of checks, drafts and money orders. An account is needed for transferring money but is not necessary for receiving it. PayPal provides users with a debit card to withdraw money from their accounts whenever needed. The card works on any ATM machine.

PayPal is present in over 190 markets. Its users exceed 232 million. Customers can hold send and receive money in twenty five different currencies. The most used ones are the US dollar, Canadian dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc, Australian dollar, Japanese Yen and the Singapore dollar.

PayPal also processes payments for auction sites, online vendors and other businesses at a charged fee. It also charges a fee for any money which is received. The fee depends on many factors such as the amount of money transacted, payment options, currency, recipient account type, sender country and recipient country.

A PayPal Fee Calculator can easily be located online. Still a description of fees calculation is given herewith.  The fees depend on the type of money transfer which can be commercial transaction, personal transaction or business payment. It also depends if the transaction is domestic or cross border.  Commercial Transaction is when the user ‘requests money’ using PayPal. This can be for buying, selling or receiving payments.

Personal Transaction is when money is transferred into accounts from relatives and friends. It is not applicable in some countries.  Business payment is made between UK users through a third party using eCheque or Balance. Domestic transaction is between PayPal accounts present in the same countries and Cross Border transaction is when the sender and receiver accounts re registered in different countries.

The domestic personal transaction fee is 3.4% + Fixed Fee when a credit or debit card is used for transfer. Fixed fees vary with currency. It is 0.30USD for US and Canadian dollar, 0.20GBP for pounds and 0.35EUR for Euro. If no currency change is involve and a bank is used, there is no processing fee. The Cross Border fee varies for different countries. The lowest is 0.4% for Northern Europe. The highest is 4.9% for countries other than US, Canada and European. The conversion rate varies from 3% to 4% depending on the currency.

The above mentioned fees are for users in the registered countries. If the user is a different country, the rates will be different depending on his region. The PayPal User Agreement can provide further details. Currency conversion is calculated at a foreign exchange rate which is determined by a financial institution. A processing fee is included with the exchange rate.

There are many calculators available online which calculate the amount you will receive after PayPal has detected their fees. You an also calculate the amount you need to send if you have to pay the PayPal fee.  Apps are also available on mobile phones for this purpose. An online PayPal Fee Calculator can be accessed at