ASUS EEE 901: Windows Installation From Recovery DVD

By | May 3, 2009

Recently I’ve purchased a netbook that should help me to become more mobile and to develop this site more quickly. It’s ASUS EEE 901, and it was chosen for good time on battery, low weight and all the communications available (including bluetooth). After several experiments, that were performed to increase free space on my C partition, I have deleted some folders that were essential for Windows, so I decided to restore Windows to its initial state.

The first thing I need to tell is that I don’t have an external DVD-ROM and I don’t plan to buy one. So there really was no place to insert DVD to. First thing I’ve tried was to create an ISO image of the DVD and burn it to my USB flash. That was done, but the disk refused to boot telling me I should have a DVD inserted. Then I have investigated the DVD and found two big gho files. Ok, the recovery CD uses Norton Ghost to restore image files.That’s nice.

Further investigation on the Recovery CD leaded to the discovery of winpe.iso file that contained GHOST32.exe. That was even better: it could be possible to restore images with it. The next thing I has to do was to create a bootable Flash drive and to run ghost32.exe.

So in order to restore the images you need to create a bootable flash disk. There is a list of methods that are available here . I think that the most simple is to search for “HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool” in Google. This is Freeware and it will allow you to create a bootable flash drive. The you need to copy image files (they are located under Recovery folder of the DVD and GHOST32.exe to the bootable flash. Then you will need to boot from this flash and to gun ghost32, then restore the images and you’re done!

Here is an alternative method of doing the same: Hope this helps you to revent your Windows to its initial state.

7 thoughts on “ASUS EEE 901: Windows Installation From Recovery DVD

  1. bodydetox

    i love the Asus Eee PC, it is very light, cheap and portable. I also bought another unit for my girlfriend and she really likes it.

  2. Kim

    Asus Eee is very convenient to carry. It is my walkaround laptop wherever i go. The battery life could have been better though

  3. Acnegal

    Asus Eee is perfect for ladies who does not want to carry a very heavy laptop. i like the Asus Eee because it is very compact and easy to carry anywhere.

  4. Sherryl

    i bought an Asus Eee PC about a month ago and i am still amazed of its compact size and how lightweight it is. `

  5. Caramoan Philippines

    i always use my Asus Eee PC when i am travelling. It is very convenient to carry on any place.

  6. Yonica

    I got an Asus Eee as a christmas gift. It is very compact but i wish that the LCD screen was larger.

  7. Chesny

    Asus Eee is not only portable, it is also one of the most affordable netbooks you can buy. Asus is also a good brand which means quality and reliabilty.

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