An Effortless Way to Create a Website

By | June 13, 2009

11. Yola


 Yola represents a very accessible and affordable online website builder. In fact the service that now goes by Yola was known as SynthaSite. It was created to let users easily take what’s in their head and turn it into web pages in front of their eyes. It has a lot of different features you may need while creating a website (various widgets, online store, maps and etc.).

But the best thing is that it’s absolutely free! According to the developers statement they “fundamentally believe you should be able to build and host your website without paying for a designer, a suite of software or a hosting company”. So they provide users with everything needed to run a website; moreover they do it without imposing annoying banner ads or pop-up ad windows everywhere. In addition to that you will have to pay some money just in case you decide to get your own domain.

I’m more than sure you’ll like a lot it’s extremely intuitive interface, so here are the screenshots.

The Yola’s Editor:


The Sample Website:



To get a better understanding of the way it works, please create a free account ().

The following most significant features of Yola should be specified:

  • A great amount of different widgets to add (Skype Me, Meebo Chat Room, and so on)
  • The opportunity to add Wufoo forms (find out about Wufoo)
  • The ability to collect donations (by implementing a special feature on your site)
  • Video feature (Google, YouTube and Metacafe video)
  • The opportunity to use Google AdSense and many others

12.  Webnode


 Webnode is a great interactive drag-and-drop online website builder. It was launched in January 2008 allowing visitors to create, develop and run powerful websites from start to finish. It’s absolutely free and can be used with no time limits and ads, still as many counterparts it provides premium services which are divided into three paid packages: Mini, Standard and Pro.

In fact given solution represents a system of free tools which help you to completely manage your entire web project. Thus Webnode includes: website creating and publishing tool (Webnode Builder), advanced website statistics (Webnote Statistics) and webmail (Webnode Email). All of these three components are very functional, really nice-looking and extremely easy-to-use tools based on Web 2.0 technology which will make the process of managing your project as simple as possible.

The user interface of Webnode bears a strong resemblance to the one of MS Office 2007, so if some of really like the way it looks, you will have just the same opinion about Webnode’s design.

Here is the screenshot of the Editor Page:


And the Site that was created in 2 minutes:


 There are some video tours to watch, so if you want to get more info, please visit this page.

Now it’s time to emphasize some of the most important features:

  • Online Document editing
  • Multilingual support
  • The ability to backup and restore your website
  • Plenty of gadgets and widgets
  • Tagging feature: helping your visitors find information on your website easily
  • The opportunity to use any third party services (Google Analytics, own web based service and etc.) and others

13. Moonfruit


 Moonfruit – a trademark owned and operated by SiteMaker Software – is a multiple award-winning website building service that allows you to quickly and easily create professional looking websites. Moonfruit being a very simple tool even for an inexperienced user is packed with a lot of powerful features allowing you to achieve results beyond your expectations. It can be used for creating different kinds of websites or online content – from personal profile pages to e-commerce stores.

Moonfruit is available in 5 different versions from SiteMakerFree to SiteMakerMax. SiteMakerFree is free to use, but has some restricted features and your site will carry adverts on it. None of the paid versions carry any adverts or branding. A full list of product features and differences between available versions can be found on Pricing Page. There are also some SiteMaker Reseller products available for customers who wish to use SiteMaker to build sites for clients.

The overall design of Moonfruit SiteMaker is extremely stylish and attractive, resembling the Mac OS X interface. Let’s check the screenshots to see how it looks.

The Editor Page:


 In fact this screenshot can hardly help you to see the resemblance to MacOS, so I would suggest you to create a free account and take a look by yourself.

Here is the Sample Site:



As regards the features а this solution, the following ones should be mentioned:

  • Mail to a Friend feature
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • The opportunity to add third party content (YouTube, MySpace videos, Google Maps and so on)
  • Full package of Ecommerce tools
  • Google AdWords vouchers and etc.

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