Online Project Management Tools: Projecturf, Clarizen, ProjectOffice

By | June 12, 2009

Projecturf task management tool


Projecturf is a web-based project management solution that has quite a significant amount of features to help you better manage your projects. Extremely nice and thoughtful design makes it a snap to learn and easy-to-use for both your personal and professional needs. Large icons on the top of the screen represent the navigation that is pretty simple, as each interface icon leads to a corresponding area, which in turn is divided into two or three tabs for different needs.

All plans are loaded with all the features (the difference is just the amount of projects you can manage), so you don’t have to worry about paying more for different add-ons and extras. In addition to the great interface there is another nice thing you will like for sure – no storage limits. It really offers unlimited storage on all paid plans. This means that when you need to share large amounts of files, you won’t be faced with storage restrictions or constraints on the number of files you can upload.

Despite the fact that Projecturf is not the simplest tool created it’s pretty easy to use; so you don’t need to worry about that. The only thing that I personally would like to be changed is the speed. It’s not as fast as many users would prefer it to be. However this is not a characteristic problem just of the given solution, because in fact the majority of web-based applications lack the speed as well.

We already mentioned Projecturf’s design, so let’s check the screenshots to see how nice it is.

Here is the Dashboard Section:




The Milestones:


And The Discussions:


There is a possibility to get a 30-day trial account, so if you would like to you can sing up here. But before that make sure you watch a short tour about this task management solution.

To sum up let’s go through some of the features Projecturf possesses:

  • No storage limits
  • All Plans loaded with all features
  • The possibility to customize the interface using integrated themes and others

Please visit this page to learn about all the features.

Clarizen project management tool



Clarizen is online project management software solution that can really impress the users by its functionality. It has powerful project managing tools and helps you to accommodate the variety of users in a dynamic and diverse team. It uses personalized dashboard, innovative roadmaps, and a unique graphical approach in order to make your collaboration much easier. Clarizen uses an email-style look to manage projects in a simple, almost one-click interface.

Though the developers and some of the users especially emphasize how easy-to-use this tool is, given opinion can hardly be taken for granted, because Clarizen is too multifunctional to be considered as a simple solution. There is no doubt we can find quite a decent amount of project management tools (Basecamp, 5pm, and etc) which are much easier than this one. That’s why I would say that Clarizen represents a nice combination of functionality and simplicity being a very balanced web-based project management application.

As regards the disadvantages probably the most important one is Clarizen’s speed. In fact it’s not very low, but it’s no better than the one many other applications of this kind have.

We have already mentioned some of the features of the user interface, but now it’s time to take a closer look at it. Here is the way Home Page looks:


The Projects Page:


And The Work Items Page:


Here you can take a Product Tour in order to learn more.

Finally let’s mention the main distinctive features of this application:

  • Actual versus Remaining Efforts Completion Reporting
  • ProjectMail: solves the challenge of receiving progress updates from the team by allowing each user to report their progress directly from their inbox, without the need to log in to Clarizen
  • Integration: AutoCAD, MS Outlook, MS Project, and Solidworks
  • Interactive Resource Load Views
  • Delta Change Updates: Instant, Aggregated & In-Contextand etc.

If you would like to go through all the features, please visit this page.

ProjectOffice management system


ProjectOffice represents a web-based project management and collaboration solution built with a cutting-edge Web 2.0 technology. In addition to the standard project management features, it provides all-in-one functionality with more intuitive approach to organizing communication and team collaboration. Despite the fact that there are some disadvantages which will be mentioned in the next paragraph, it’s a really high-quality, nice-looking and multifunctional tool.

The first shortcoming I managed to encounter is the absence of the video tour. The greatest majority of similar products have at least a short video tour. In this case there are just some screenshots of the user account. However taking into consideration the fact that each of those screenshots has a detailed description, this can hardly be regarded as a significant disadvantage. As far as the tool itself is concerned it seems to be pretty complete with a lot of features available. Still it would be much better if the developers implemented a forum, because it really ensures the collaboration.

In the other respects it has a great deal of nice features, but we will discuss them a little bit later. As for now let’s check its really attractive and modern interface.

The Dashboard Page:


Projects and Tasks (in a single tab):


And The Reports:


If you need to check some more screenshots with the description, please visit screenshot tour page.

It’s time to learn what the main distinctive features of the ProjectOffice tool are. Here are some of them:

  • The ability to add/import contacts: you can add your contacts or import them from Yahoo, MS Outlook 2003/2007, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL as well as from the resource pool in your space.
  • The opportunity to use project templates: you have some options from the very beginning and can create you own templates
  • Available Gadgets: you can be notified for all changes that happen in the spaces where you work right there on your web desktop. The iGoogle, Pageflakes and Netvibes gadgets will keep you up-to-date even when you are not logged in the application. Learn more here.
  • Buzzer for Desktop: use the Buzzer for Desktop and receive notifications for all recent changes right there on your computer desktop
  • Buzzer for Blackberry
  • In-house version of the solution: you can install ProjectOffice in-house on your network and infrastructure

Here you can check the complete list of ProjectOffice features.

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  1. Gil Heiman

    Thanks for the review of Clarizen. For anyone experiencing performance issues with Clarizen, we recommend using the Firefox browser and making sure that if a proxy server is being used, adding Clarizen as a Safe domain.

    I think that the review of these three solutions is missing a comparison approach (table?) so that users can know what might be a better fit for their needs. Having read all three, as a user, I wouldn’t know where to start. Clarizen is not only more feature-rich but is centered around team adoption, something many other solutions fall short on. The 7-minute product tour on our web site clearly demonstrates this. Best place to start after the tour is one of our free daily webinars, which are extremely valuable for users in the market for a new PM solution and need some help understanding what to expect from an online PM solution.

  2. Vadim

    In fact there is a comparison table in the 5th part of given review :)

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    Web-based software can surprisingly increase performance, productivity and efficiency within an organization. Great blog. Thank you for the post.

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