Online Project Management Tools: GoPlan 2.0, Teamwork PM and more

Ourdays more and more companies and enterprises are looking for a task management solution. Here you’ll find a brief review on several online project and time planning tools:  GoPlan 2.0, Action Method Online, Teamspace and Teamwork PM. This review presents both pros and contras for the task managers mentioned above. It also describes their particularities and common features.… Read More »

Online Project Management Tools: Pelotonics, Planzone and more

What is the difference between Pelotonics project organiser and PlanHQ task manager? Find out which are the features that distinguish Planzone from its competitors on project managment market. See, how the ProjectSpaces user interface looks like. Find out pros and cons about SamePage planning tool. Hope this article will be useful for those, who are looking for a… Read More »

Online Project Management Tools: DeskAway, Huddle and more

New task managers tools reviews! Main caracteristics features of such web project planning and operating systems as DeskAway, Huddle Task Manager, LightHouse, LiquidPlanner and OnStage planning solution. As usual: typical features, pro and cons options about each task planning tool. Find helpful conclusion in this brief overview.

Online Project Management Tools – Zoho, ActiveCollab, 5pm Web

Here are some new task management tools reviews. Particullary, we will cover Zoho project manager, ActiveCollab tool and 5pm Web Task Management System. Find out what is new about this task managers as well as what is the difference between them. As ususal, you will  find a list of caracteristic features and useful suggestions, that may help you… Read More »

Online Project Management Tools: Staction and Wrike review

Staction Task Manager Staction represents absolutely innovational tool forteam collaboration and project management. This very unusual tool is designed with the communication in mind. Staction is an extremely simple and fast way for team members to keep each other up to date on the work that they are doing. As the developers emphasize, this solution is absolutely different… Read More »

Basic Rules of Working with Secret Information

Due to the fact that free operating systems are designed with the modern conceptions of data security in mind, users should know that the main reason of the most “cracking” and data-stealing cases is their lack of attention, and not bugs or errors in the software they are using. Let’s start with such an understandable and well known… Read More »

Searching files in Linux

No doubt every single user from time to time uses search function because it’s almost impossible to remember where all the files are saved. This function is even more useful when you need to find a system file, library and so on. Most likely the great majority of you are familiar with Windows Search Function that is pretty… Read More »