Fixing Garmin Connect Bluetooth Pairing Issue with Huawei Phone

By | January 1, 2018

Today I have tried to setup my New Year Gift – Huawei P10 Lite with my old friend – Garmin Vivoactive. Since it took me more than 4 hours in total, I would like to share the solution with you, as it seems that the issue is related to most Huawei phone – Garmin Watch pair.

I am not sure what exactly worked, but finally I have the ability to sync data, get notifications on the phone, and so on. I will just describe what I did to make it work.

1. Download and install most recent Garmin Express software (I suppose most of you are still using Windows for any purpose)

2. Add your phone to Garmin Express and wait until sync has finished. Make sure that device appears at your Garmin Connect top panel. See screenshot below.

3. Uninstall Google Play Services update on your phone (not sure if it is really related to the solution, but this is what I tried)

4. Open Garmin Connect Mobile, skip initial setup and go to Garmin Devices. You should see the synced device there.

5. Tap the device name and try pairing it as usual (your watch will show the code and you will be able to input it).

6. Update your Google Play Services back and have fun with your watch.

I have tried various solutions: this onethis – none of them helped. I won’t even tell you about numerous software re-installations and factory resets of the watch. Hope this will help someone to save some time struggling to make Garmin watches work with Huawei phones. I tried to post this on official Garmin forum, but it seems they have some database issues, so I hope Google will index my post and will advance it to its results. :)

If you have any other solutions or at least explanation, why my idea works, just let me know in comments.

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