SSH for Android: What to Install?

By | July 10, 2012

Every true system administrator should be able to access his server even when he’s asleep. Most of us need solutions to manage our servers when we’re on the way. Since mobile internet can be found almost anywhere, today I will share my preferred applications to use SSH for Android operation system.


Connectbot seems to be the most advanced solution for mobile SSH at the moment. The latest stable version of ConnectBot is available in the Google Play. You can scan the code below using the Barcode Scanner application to go directly to its entry in Market:

What will this software allow you to do? First of all, it gives you the ability to access servers via SSH using various kinds of authentication. Telnet is also available. All basic features allow you to manage your server in the way you like. I prefer to use this software, even letters are a bit small for me.

VX ConnectBot

VX ConnectBot is another nice application with some enhanced features. Here is what it allows you to do:

  • background file transfer (SCP protocol)
  • save console screenshots (PNG)
  • character picker dialog (on-screen button and hardware SYM key)
  • single line input (on-screen button)
  • long press menu (toggle full screen mode, change font size)
  • bottom-line on-screen buttons with tap-and-hold support
  • new key mappings (hardware keyboard)
  • ssh-agent (by Roberto Tyley)
  • save SSH keys as files

You can download it at Google Play.

Irssi ConnectBot

That’s another modification of Connectbot, that has some enhancements. Users like it more than the original Connectbot, but you can try it by yourself. You can also find it on Google Play.

If you know any other good SSH clients for Android, let me know in comments