Winscp: How to Keep Connection Alive

By | October 20, 2008

As you know there is a nice Windows software for SSH access named Winscp. It’s a FTP and SFTP client that allows to have multiple accounts and I consider it to be great for SFTP connection. I’ve tried Globalscape CuteFTP Professional, but it doesn’t work with SFTP in the way I like. Also I’ve had some problems saving files that’s why I have switched to Winscp.

In the default setting of this software you will receive timeouts as no commands are sent to keep the connection alive. There is a simple setting that allows to fix this issue and have a permananent connection to yor servers. Let’s see, as the screenshots are provided as usual.

That’s the main window of Winscp. As you see I’ve got many server sessions (IPs are hidden for security reasons). In order to do what we need you have to tick “Advanced Options” checkbox.

Then we need to go to the connection tab.

Default option is Off (we’re looking at keepalive section). In order to prevent timeouts you have to check any option for Keepalives except off. I’ve chosen to send dummy commands.

Then just save your session and you will never lose your connection amymore.

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