Simple Plugin For WordPress to Show Adsense

By | August 28, 2008

Now my blog has one hundred posts. I think my knowledge is worth some money that’s why I decided to add some Ads. All I know is shared absolutely for free and I don’t like any donations. I think Adsense is good enough to monetize my blog. My earnings will be announced; I don’t know what will be the revenue.

I’ve been searching for a good yet simple WordPress plugin, that could allow to add ads to my blog. I’ve tried several, but none of them seemed to be good for my needs. After some experiments I’ve chosen
All in One Adsense and YPN. It was exactly what I needed.

This plugin has only one file, that’s good enough as it is simple to delete it if you decide you don’t need it. The second advantage is the easy setup. Basically, all you need is your adsense publisher ID; all other settings may be left as they are; you need just to select the number of ad blocks and you’re ready to go.  Here is how it looks in my browser:

Everything is clear and easy to set up. I didn’t think adding ads is such an easy task! By the way, plugins I’ve tried were found here: