How to Split a WordPress Export File (WXR XML)

By | June 11, 2012

Sometimes when you need to transfer a WordPress blog to another server, you get a quite big wordpress export file, that exceeds maximum file upload size directive, defined in php.ini. If you have access to php.ini, then there is no problem – you can change this value to the necessary amount of megabytes, import a wordpress installation and then change php.ini to initial value. But if you’re dealing with a sharing hosting account, you won’t be able to change these limits.

Most hosting providers limit maximum upload file size to 2-8 Mb. What to do if your WordPress export file is 20 Mb? There is a solution that will allow you to bypass file upload size limit. You have to split your WordPress import file according to your upload limit. The easiest way to do it is to use Windows software named WordPress WXR File Splitter. You will need .Net framework to execute it. It’s the easiest software ever seen. You need to specify the path to the file for split, the size of the output files and that’s all. Software is working very fast, even for big files, and I recommend it if you have the task to transfer a wordpress installation with lots of posts from one server to another.