HTML Code to Add a Flash Banner on the Page

Today I am coming with a simple solution for those who have never had experience with Flash. For example, you have exchanged banners with another site and all you have is a swf file and you have no idea how to add it to your site. Here is a brief guide. First of all, you need to determine… Read More »

How to Disable Brute Force Notifications in Directadmin

If you have a Directadmin server, you should know that it’s a shame for the server administrator to clear brute force notification messages. Especially, if you have lots of users, the number of notifications can be exorbitant. Let me show you how does my panel look like after a week: And here is the messages window: You can… Read More »

Online Project Management Tools: GoPlan 2.0, Teamwork PM and more

Ourdays more and more companies and enterprises are looking for a task management solution. Here you’ll find a brief review on several online project and time planning tools:  GoPlan 2.0, Action Method Online, Teamspace and Teamwork PM. This review presents both pros and contras for the task managers mentioned above. It also describes their particularities and common features.… Read More »