Online Project Management Tools: Pelotonics, Planzone and more

What is the difference between Pelotonics project organiser and PlanHQ task manager? Find out which are the features that distinguish Planzone from its competitors on project managment market. See, how the ProjectSpaces user interface looks like. Find out pros and cons about SamePage planning tool. Hope this article will be useful for those, who are looking for a… Read More »

Online Project Management Tools: DeskAway, Huddle and more

New task managers tools reviews! Main caracteristics features of such web project planning and operating systems as DeskAway, Huddle Task Manager, LightHouse, LiquidPlanner and OnStage planning solution. As usual: typical features, pro and cons options about each task planning tool. Find helpful conclusion in this brief overview.

Online Project Management Tools – Zoho, ActiveCollab, 5pm Web

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Online Project Management Tools: Staction and Wrike review

Staction Task Manager Staction represents absolutely innovational tool forteam collaboration and project management. This very unusual tool is designed with the communication in mind. Staction is an extremely simple and fast way for team members to keep each other up to date on the work that they are doing. As the developers emphasize, this solution is absolutely different… Read More »

Online Project Management Tools: Customer Support Review

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PHP: strtolower for Russian and Cyrillic

If you need to work with Russian text in PHP, you may notice that functions that are related to CaSe are not working as expected. I mean strtolower, strtouper, ucwords, and so on. In order to get what you need I suggest to use mb_convert functions. Here is the example: You can check reference table for functions, I… Read More »