How to Delete All admin Messages from Directadmin

By | December 26, 2011

If your Directadmin server faces a brute-force attack or script-kiddies are trying to guess your password, your message queue is full of messages. If you don’t check them periodically, you will have some problems deleting them.

I have been away for 2 weeks so I didn’t check my server for messages. When I came back, there were 2600 messages, and any attempt to list them all was unsuccessful. Since I know my users aren’t using the Directadmin Message system, it was safe to delete them.

In order to do this, you need to go to /usr/local/directadmin/data/tickets . You will see some folders there. These folders are full of messages, that are safe to delete. In order to find out, which folders you need to delete, you need to check /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/tickets.list. When you see the list of messages, you may delete those you don’t need.

That’s pretty simple, and you may use this method for any other reseller. Just replace admin with your reseller name and check its message list.