Monitoring Your Site Uptime With FREE Online Services

By | May 10, 2008

Your site uptime is a very important criteria of web server administrator’s qualification. Most hosting service providers promise 99,9% uptime and it is often true, but you are always welcome to check it by yourself. I will tell you about two online services I like and I highly recommend to use this kind of online service. It is also free and includes e-mail alerts, so you will always know whether your site is online or not.

The first service is called I’ve been using it for about 4 years and I am very pleased with their service. For a free check all you need is to enter your site URL in Spotcheck field and wait some time. Several servers from around the worl;d will be queried and in less than a minute you’ll get the whole report on your site uptime and speed. Yes, it also shows the time that is needed to load your site from China, Germany, UK and USA. Nice, isn’t it?

If you like this service you can order a subscription for a very small fee. Subscription allows you to monitor HTTP, MySQL, SMTP, ping and many other stuff you might need examining your server. This may be greatly useful when you have an overloaded site, or a huge MySQL database. Highly recommend this service as I never had any problems with them. A plenty of alert selections will deliver the uptime information to wherever you need!

The second one is very nice too. I’ve discovered it some time ago. Its name is Host Tracker. It uses even more checking points than Alertra and its information seems to be accurate too. I didn’t test them much but I think you can rely on them too. Subscription plans are also available and there is a free trial too so you can try their services before purchasing.

Hope this article is useful for those who are looking for website monitoring services. Have a nice day!