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Online Crontab Service: Cheap and Reliable

This post will be useful for beginners, but I think that experienced users will also find out something new. If you’ve never heard about crontab and your hosting service provider doesn’t let you to use cron jobs, then this article is for you. Let me tell some words about the service I’ve discovered. It’s name is Webcron and… Read More »

Free Base64 Encoder and Decoder Available Online

base64 encoding is often used to protect PHP code. There is an online tool that allows you to encode and decode the code. Here is the link: Base64 Encoding/Decoding Tool by Thomas Horsten. It really works with the code you have. It’s a common kind of PHP protection and this tool reveals the opinion that base64 encoding is… Read More »

How to Create a WordPress Theme in 5 Minutes Without Any Skills

Just sharing a free service that allows you to cteate your own Worpress theme in just minutes without any specific skills. Even more: you’re getting a WYSIWYG editor and you can preview your changes instantly. Absolutely no skills are required: HTML, CSS and WordPress widgets may also be kept away. Here is it: WordPress Theme Generator. I consider… Read More »

How to Convert HTML Link Code into BBCode With PHP

Another short function appears on my blog. If you need to convert your HTML code, containing links only, into BBcode, you need this function: function make_bbcode($normal) { $samurl=str_replace(“<a href=”, “[url=”, $normal); $samurl=str_replace(“</a>”, “[/url]”, $samurl); $samurl=str_replace(“>”, “]”, $samurl); return($samurl); } That’s a very simple solution that doesn’t cover all the instances of HTML code. If you need a good… Read More »

Free Software to Create Web Page Screenshots

Do you know If you don’t I’d encourage you to visit it as their tools make web much better. Even if I don’t like Ajax and Javascript tools, that often overload sites, I consider having site screenshots is a very good idea. But… where to take these shots and how to do them? If you try to… Read More »