Ubuntu Starter Kit

You have just installed Ubuntu, logged in for the first time and don’t know what to do next? It’s understandable that the system should be configured the way that would ensure decent experience. Of course, depending on your needs you may want different software to be installed. So we would recommend you to check the following steps and… Read More »

IPv6 advantages and its configuration in OS Linux

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) represents the next-generation protocol designed to replace IPv4, which still remains to be the most commonly used protocol in the Internet, though it’s nearly twenty years old now. The main reason for using another protocol is a growing shortage of IPv4 addresses needed by all new machines added to the Internet. IPv6 has… Read More »

Multimedia in Ubuntu

Every single user while thinking about changing operating system, in particular Windows to Ubuntu, tries to make sure that new OS will allow him/her to do everything he/she got used to, i.e. it won’t lack functionality. As you remember, we had already reviewed Microsoft Office and Instant Messaging Clients alternatives for Linux distributions, so now it’s time to… Read More »

Checking the Vendor of Hardware

Almost every single user had at least once encountered the situation when he/she wasn’t able to find the documentation and installation disks for all the hardware. That’s why many users when they need to download and install the drivers for a particular hardware try to find out “who the vendor of this hardware is”. In fact it’s not… Read More »

Working with MS Office Word documents in Linux OS

Despite the fact that the amount of users who use Linux and the ones who would like to make a switch to free software is constantly increasing, the great majority of people still deal with Windows OS and the most important programs (MS and other paid ones) they need. For example, MS Office is so popular that it’s… Read More »

An Effortless Way to Create a Website

It’s a well-known fact that many Internet users would like to create their own websites and start to earn money in the Web, but at the same time the great majority of them don’t want to learn HTML, CSS, PHP and different technical aspects of web page production. Although learning of all the mentioned things is very important;… Read More »

Online Task Managers – AtTask, Daptiv and Basecamp

AtTask project management tool AtTask (@task) represents very nice solution for all knowledge workers to collaborate and accomplish the work most essential to the enterprise. This tool gives executives and managers the ability to increase productivity and reduce costs by helping bridge the strategic vision and objectives of their portfolios with project execution. One of the things that… Read More »

Main iptables Settings

Iptables represents the firewall and packet filtering replacement for Ipchains that had a number of shortcomings. In addition to the fact that Iptables in comparison with Ipchains has much more features, its structure is more sensible and understandable. That’s why Iptables being considered as a faster and more secure alternative to Ipchains has become the default firewall package… Read More »