8 Mesmerising secrets about Linux you never knew before

By | June 22, 2018

Linux has really upgraded over the years and this is great news for Windows users who’re sick of paying for new Windows releases or are in general dying for a change. It’s time, folks to switch to Linux. But wait, how can you throw away your Windows set-up for something that is fairly new to you? Read on to find out!

1. Linux can be run in a live setting
To put simply, you can install the Linux hardware in a USB and plug it into your PC/Laptop port to start using it. It’s like watching a DVD: you push the DVD into the CD RAM and begin watching and once you’re done, take it out and there’s no sign of you having ever watched it. Linux works in a similar manner except your last step would not be taking out the USB but following that by restarting your computer allowing you to fiddle with the settings and applications because any changes you make end up on the RAM which gets erased once you restart. So, if you don’t end up liking it, there’s no drawback to having used it!

2. Linux’s applications have grown to substitute those of Windows
Has an alternative to every Windows program (except for highly complex ones)! Most web development companies or Windows users complain about the unavailability of most Windows programs on Linux but while that may have been true years ago, it’s not anymore for Linux is fast catching up and provides a similar alternative to Windows and this is true for games as well! Good news for you gamers out there: GOG.com is supporting Linux! So, don’t fret and check it out!

3. Linux believes in individuality
Linux is all about you! You can customize anything on Linux to cater it better to your needs. You’ll see the System Panel is strikingly similar to the Windows 95’s ancient start-up menu but that’s a good thing because you now have a wide canvas to work on. In your single button and panel, you can camouflage terminal search, tracker, loads of apps, your notes, favorite places and basically just almost anything! So all in all, if you own a website development company, then development within Linux is swift with your demands for new features being met quickly. Hence, all you need is a little of dedication and you’ll find yourself thanking the Lord (and us) that you switched to Linux.

4. Linux has an extraordinary command software
Easystroke!! This is one of the coolest things about Linux! You can literally create a sign with your mouse and train the computer to understand what you mean. For example, if you want to open Firefox you can create an F with your cursor through EasyStroke and you won’t have to go through the hassle of finding the Firefox app because Linux will know what you’re referring to and open it for you. This is a lightning-fast process so it saves you a lot of time!

5. Linux makes installing applications ridiculously easy
You no longer have to hunt the web for the applications you want. Instead, you only have to go to your distributor’s software center and look for it there. This eliminates hundreds of unwanted results you would have come across had you been searching on the web. Mostly, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the said place but in the rare case that it isn’t available, you just have to find a software center that does offer it and install!

6. Linux’s Gnome-do is a leap into the future
Gnome-Do is a similar version of Mac’s Quicksilver. This is intelligent technology allows you to type anything you want into a box. Now you must be wondering what’s so different about Gnome-do and the terminal. Well, it’s because Gnome-Do is much easier to use. It recalls what you use most often so that you only have to type the first letter and it’ll come up with what you want. For example, you’ll literally only have to type F and it’ll come with Firefox. There are also extra plugins which add more features to it making it unique when you access the system settings. Gnome-Do users can literally bring the Gnome-do up with a keypress of choice and type “app” to get to the settings you want.

7. Linux is extra in a way you’ll love
Cowsay! Yes, you read it right. You can literally type out stuff and make your computer ‘moo’ it out to you. Linux’s cowsay is a powerful tool that allows you to not only say stuff the way a cow would but it has other voice-overs as well. It’s a super different thing from everything that’s available in the market and has the power to make you laugh after a particularly stressful day. So, why don’t you go get your hands on it and make cows, Calvin, GhostBusters or Beavis (amongst others) say stuff you want.

8. Linux has really upped its music game
Banshee 1.2 is a serious music update! It integrates with Last.fm, has iPod connectivity, high-resolution album art and other cool playback options allowing you to experience the world of music with class!
All in all, Linux is a non-regrettable switch from Windows and we hope, this article will help you understand Linux better than before!

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