Rar Part Files Are Not Recognized: How to Fix in Linux

By | February 1, 2010

Though RAR provides its own interface to create multipart archives, sometimes users prefer to use another file splitting options. An example could be HJSPLIT, that provides the ability to split files of any type. Since archives are used to economize space and traffic, splitting an archive into multiple parts may be useful when there are attachment limits, or any other cases that are related to limited space.

How do those files usually look like? For example, there was archive.rar before. When it is splitted into 3 parts, we will have archive.rar.000, archive.rar.001, archive.rar.002. How do we join them together?

There is a simple command line solution for this:

cat archive.rar.* > archive.rar

This will join all the parts to a single rar file. Then you fill be able to unrar it. No matter, what was the file type, this is the easiest way to join files together, if they were splitted before.