How to Add Imagemagick Support for PHP 7 on a Directadmin Server

By | November 28, 2018

If you have recently updated PHP on a Directadmin server through custombuild, you should notice that not all modules are available with the fresh installation. But don’t worry, in case of Imagemagich it’s pretty simple.

cd /usr/local/php70/bin;
./pecl install imagick

After that you can add the extension line to your php.ini. Path to extension will be shown upon your installation. Mine was

First you need to locate the actual php.ini

php -i | grep php.ini 

My path is

/usr/local/php70/lib/php.ini (I have default settings).

Then add the line with your extension path to php.ini


That’s all. Reboot your nginx/Apache and reboot php-fpm if necessary.

service php-fpm70 restart

Now Imagemagick module should be active.

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