Disable Apache Logging in httpd.conf – How to Do It

By | May 1, 2008

On busy servers you might need to take off everything that is not used. If Apache logs are neither watched nor analyzed, you should simply turn them off. How to do it? Simply, as usual: open httpd.conf and unload

#LoadModule log_config_module modules/mod_log_config.so

by commenting this line. You should also search for various log strings that should be found below.


You should comment all of them to turn logging feature off. If everything is OK, Apache restart will produce no errors. Else you will face Syntax Error, that would mean you have forgotten to comment some strings related to logging. Do it and have fun!

It is not recommended to turn logging feature off, but sometimes it allows to save RAM and server time in order to load pages faster. Hope this helps you to save time searching for Logrotate, etc