Creating a Logo With a Freelance Designer

By | January 10, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Today I will tell you about the process of creating a logo for this site. That’s my first experience with a freelance designer and this article is a method to prevent you from using their services. I can’t think I did everything I could and I explained in the best way I can, but I didn’t get any result and logo is not yet available.

I will remember this topic when the logo is ready. But now… let me post the results.

Logo design

This was the first option proposed by the designer.  Quite nice, but… not what I wanted. This logo is not so serious as the resource should be and it doesn’t demonstrate the idea of bringing the light to the LAMP docs. I’ve sent this to the designer, and here is what he did:

logo design 2

He was told I like grey and blue and he used these colors. But this logo doesn’t even demonstrate the lamp: you should have enough imaginationto understand the idea of lamp. I’ve told this logo isn’t good too. He replied with a bunch of template logos.

logo designer

Don’t quite get where is the lamp :)

No idea at all

No idea at all, in my humble opinion.

another excellence

Another masterpiece… How much time does it take to create one like this? :)


Can’t see anything related to Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, can you?

another hidden idea

Another hidden idea…

onlamp 2onlamp 2

Find some difference with this logo:

So I had to say none of the proposed logos were good for me. I have repeated that I would like to see the visialization of the lamp that brings light to the docs. In the next 40 minutes the following has been made:

optionf logo

Have you even seen the light spreads in such a way? This looks like a shower, but not like the lamp light.

nice logo

This has made me sure I won’t create a good logo with this designer. If a designer doesn’t know the principles of light spreading, I don’t think he can create something really good. It’s like a musician that has no idea about the notes.

As I’ve paid half of the project amount in advance, I’ve asked the designer for moneyback. Designer told me he did his job and the money won’t be sent back. All I could do was to upload the history of communication, the initial task and the proposed variants to the freelance site. He told it’s ok and i did it.

The main idea of the post above is to avoid working with freelance designers you don’t know. I’ve spent about 5 days trying to explain and waiting for at least one logo that suited my needs. This was a good lesson for me and I am really happy as I could spend much more time and money in the future. If you think I am wrong, you’re welcome to post your ideas in comments.

By the way, if you’re a logo designer, you may contact me as I still need a good logo for this project.

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  1. Julian Young

    I recently got some work done by a young inspired designer, cheap rates as he is getting his portfolio built up, excellent ‘designer’, not just a font man like this guy seems to be. Also does 3D logo work too, not going to post public info on him here but drop me an email if you are still looking and want someone cheap, young, imaginative and talented :) I’ll send you the portfolio zip he sent me and his contact details.

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