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How To Find The Version of Linux You Are Using

Sometimes you need to know what version of the Operating system is installed on your server. This is extremely useful when you order a dedicated server and want to know what is the version of OS on it. A simple command will help you as usual: cat `ls /etc/*{-,_}{release,version} 2>/dev/null | head -n 1` This will show you… Read More »

PHP Deletes Angle Brackets While Parsing HTML: How to Solve

Today I’ve faced a problem that was quite strange. One of my WordPress installations refused to understand posted angle brackets. This was especially related to tags and the encoded symbols like > < and so on. I started to think what I did before :). The issue is described at PHP Bugs.  There is no exact solution there… Read More »

How to Enable Socket Support In PHP

In order to add socket support with PHP you need just to include it into your configure string: there is no need to install any third-party applications or software. All you need is to recompile PHP, and it can be done in some minutes. First of all you need to know where your PHP installation is located. I… Read More »

How to Enable mhash in PHP built from source

If you have a server that doesn’t come with any panel and all the software was compiled from sources, you have to install the missing packages by yourself, without any scripts, etc. Today we’ll install mhash support for a server that has nothing related with this library. As we’re dealing with a non-rpm system, we’ll have to install… Read More »

How to Enable Iconv for PHP on a DirectAdmin Linux Server

I haven’t found a good guide on this that’s why I decided to create my own. iconv functions are great if you’re working with text information stored using different encodings and it is essential to have it on your server. Let’s take we have Directadmin with Apache 2 support (please, read my previous articles to find out how… Read More »

How to Install Zip Functions Support For PHP

Using zip files is a common practice for web. Zip archives are very useful as they are supported by all major operating systems and don’t require any special software. XP and Vista have the embedded support of this file format, you won’t also have problems opening these files in Linux. You can also work with these files in… Read More »

Apache Stopped Working After PHP Upgrade – How to Fix

If you are often working with PHP upgrades, you should do this automatically – you already know all the issues you might face. But if it’s done for the first time, it is quite hard to find your problem. I will tell you about the most common issue and about the applicable actions to fix this. When you… Read More »

How to Install Ming Support for PHP in Linux

When you need to work with Flash in PHP, you have to install Ming. Ming is an open source library that allows you to deal with flash from command line. We will use it for our PHP scripts. First of all, we need to download the library from Sourceforge. Link that you can find on leads to… Read More »

How To Install Zend Optimizer on Any Linux Server

Recently I’ve seen many solutions on how to install Zend Optimizer using custom build script in Directadmin. I’d like to show you how to install it on almost any linux server using usual linux commands. First of all, let’s download it from Zend server (they require to register in order to obtain this link. wget Then we’ll… Read More »