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By | July 7, 2009


071_Qnext_chattingQnext represents a very advanced communication and sharing software that combines communication, broadcasting, and digital media sharing into one easy-to-use application. In addition to that it’s a cross-platform software, compatible with MacOS, Windows, Linux and Mobile devices. Qnext supports all the popular IM services: Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk, iChat, and MSN.


Being very rich in features Qnext has everything you need. Here are the most important ones which should be mentioned:

  • There is possibility to import email contacts from the most popular web clients such as: Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Gmail and etc.
  • Sending emails directly from the Qnext IM window
  • File transfer and avatar setup by drag and drop
  • Events notification, rich text, nudges, emoticons and fonts support
  • Multi-user Video conference (up to 4 people) and Audio conference (up to 8 people) directly from the IM window between Qnext users
  • SSL encryption for data and messaging between Qnext users
  • Instant streaming media (music)
  • Games
  • The ability to change themes
  • Remote access to PC

Taking everything mentioned above I would say that Qnext is one of the best IM clients according to functionality currently available. It’s really great solution for communication, content sharing and music streaming in real-time and in a very productive and secure way.

In addition to that there is a business version available which has extra features. You can learn more here.



aMSN represents a counterpart of Windows Live Messenger (MSN) that was designed as alternative with the support of different platforms (Windows, MacOs and Linux). The first version of aMSN was released in May 2002. The great thing of given application is that it includes not just the features which present in MSN (default client), but a lot of extra ones as well.

Let’s check both standard and extra features of aMSN.

Here are the standard features:

  • Offline messaging
  • File transfers, sending and receiving
  • Sending and receiving of voice clips
  • Webcam send and receive
  • Nudges (included as a plugin where you may adjust various options)
  • Support for email checking. Moreover there is a plugin allowing the program to check non-hotmail POP3 addresses
  • Group conversations and others

And some extra features:

  • Tabbed chatting
  • Webcam sessions recording
  • Shows when contacts don’t have you on their list, as well as contacts that have you on their list but are not in yours
  • Custom statuses that can include auto-messages for when user is away
  • Games that can be played between two aMSN clients (from a plugin)
  • A chat window pops up even if the other person opens a window with you, even if they haven’t typed anything yet and etc.

Thus if you generally use MSN account for communication, you should try this client for sure. Still it would be much better if developers would implement the support of other protocols.

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