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How To Update Maximum Number Of Mysql Connections On Linux

There is often necessary to increase the maximum number of MySQL connections in order to prevent “Too Many Connections” error. If you’re on LAMP, you’re welcome to follow one of these ways: For a temporary solution you might want to execute the following query: SET GLOBAL max_connections = 500; This will increase max_connections directive to 500, but will… Read More »

How to Improve MySQL Performance with a Single Line in Config

I have found a way to prevent server overload because of MySQL. The tip seems to be really good, and I am giving the link to the original post. Here it is: Dramatically Improve MySQL Performance In order to make your heavy MySQL servers perform faster all you need is to add a line to your MySQL configuration… Read More »

How to Restore a MySQL Database with Linux Shell

Today I will show a simple command that will allow you to restore a database from a previously made sql file. No matter, how the backup was done, if it has sql commands, you will restore it in the fastest possible way. If your database backup file exceeds 10 megabytes, it’ll be very hard to restore it using… Read More »

How To Repair And Optimize All Mysql Databases

When I tried to create admin backup for DirectAdmin, I got the message that one of my MySQL databases has errors and these errors were propagated to my backup. I’d suggest this to DirectAdmin developers, as using a simple command should avoid such errors. There is a linux shell tool called mysqlcheck, that allows to check, repair and… Read More »