Showing an Image on Remote Server Error

If you’re hotlinking images from other servers (this is often used when adding banner codes), you might face the situation when remote server becomes unavailable. This will spoil your site look, if you don’t add a simple code, that allows to solve this issue. <img src=”BANNER URL(REMOTE)” onError=”this.src=’LOCAL URL SHOWN ON REMOTE SERVER ERROR'” height=31 width=88> This simple… Read More »

Disable Directory Listing Without Slash – Apache Config

Sometimes you need to deny directory listing on user input. For example, you don’t want your blog to be accessed at, using only This slash is added by mod_dir, that allows automatic adding of trailing slashes. A “trailing slash” redirect is issued when the server receives a request for a URL http://servername/foo/dirname where dirname is a… Read More »

Disable Apache Logging in httpd.conf – How to Do It

On busy servers you might need to take off everything that is not used. If Apache logs are neither watched nor analyzed, you should simply turn them off. How to do it? Simply, as usual: open httpd.conf and unload #LoadModule log_config_module modules/ by commenting this line. You should also search for various log strings that should be found… Read More »