How to Add Imagemagick Support for PHP 7 on a Directadmin Server

If you have recently updated PHP on a Directadmin server through custombuild, you should notice that not all modules are available with the fresh installation. But don’t worry, in case of Imagemagich it’s pretty simple. cd /usr/local/php70/bin; ./pecl install imagick After that you can add the extension line to your php.ini. Path to extension will be shown upon… Read More »

How to Update MySQL to Version 5.7 on a Directadmin Server

If you have a Directadmin server, you know that you can’t simply install new server software without custombuild. Of course, you can, but it will take too much time to set everything up. So let’s talk about MySQL update. cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild; ./build set mysql 5.7; ./build set mysql_inst mysql; ./build set mysql_backup yes; ./build update When it’s done,… Read More »

How to Update Python to Version 3.4 on a Directadmin Server

If you have a Directadmin server and a python app, that requires at least version 3, here is the fastest solution. 1. If you haven’t done so yet, you have to enable EPEL repository. Here is how: yum install epel-release 2. Install python 3.4 yum install python34 3. install pip and setuptools curl -O sudo /usr/bin/python3.4… Read More »

8 Mesmerising secrets about Linux you never knew before

Linux has really upgraded over the years and this is great news for Windows users who’re sick of paying for new Windows releases or are in general dying for a change. It’s time, folks to switch to Linux. But wait, how can you throw away your Windows set-up for something that is fairly new to you? Read on… Read More »