How to Open Microsoft Project (mpp) Files with a Free Online Viewer

June 19th, 2014 No comments

Sometimes you might need to open Microsoft project files without having the software installed. Especially when you’re using Linux :)

Here is the link to free online mpp viewer, that offers almost same functionality as viewer from Microsoft. Just upload the file you would like to view and enjoy.


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How to Obtain Best Perfectmoney Exchange Rate

June 13th, 2014 No comments

Nowadays if your business is linked to ecommerce, you should often exchange different electronic funds. After closing of Libertyreserve, Perfectmoney has become one of the most popular e-currencies. Bitcoin is getting more popularity too, and you often need to exchange one electronic currency into another.

Recently I found a great service named  XZZX . It is not another simple automatic exchanger. Of course, you can exchange funds almost instantly. But the most important and unusual feature of this service is to offer your own rate for currency exchange. This makes the exchange process completely different from the one you used before.

Let’s take you want to exchange Perfectmoney into Webmoney. When you’re checking the rate, it should be about 0.9-0.95. So if you exchange 100 PM, you will get 90-95 WMZ. This great service allows you to set your own rate for exchange using Free rate feature. You can get even more than 100 WMZ  (this process is not instant and you’ll have to wait some time) if you create an order.

I strongly recommend you to try their service. The e-currency choice is good, you can change Bitcoin to Wire transfer or even directly to your card. I’ve been using it for about one month and I can say that I’m fully satisfied.

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How to Install the Right Version of Java to Run Selenium on a CentOS Server

May 27th, 2014 No comments

If you want to launch Selenium on a Linux server, you need to have Java support installed.

If your Java version is lower than 1.6, most probably you will get the following error while trying to launch Selenium:

[root@ns1 selenium]# java -jar /usr/local/bin/selenium-server-standalone-2.41.0.jar -role hub
May 27, 2014 2:06:12 p.m. org.openqa.grid.selenium.GridLauncher main
INFO: Launching a selenium grid server
Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: method with signature ()Z was not found.
at org.openqa.grid.web.Hub.<init>(
at org.openqa.grid.selenium.GridLauncher.main(

In order to run is without errors, you need java-1.6.0, that is available with yum. In order to install it, you have to run the following command:

yum install java-1.6.0*

This will install OpenJDK stuff, needed to upgrade your Java. You will have to download about 400Mb of data. For me it was

Package                                           Arch                          Version                                           Repository                      Size
java-1.6.0-openjdk                                x86_64                        1:                          updates                         41 M
java-1.6.0-openjdk-demo                           x86_64                        1:                          updates                        1.9 M
java-1.6.0-openjdk-devel                          x86_64                        1:                          updates                         15 M
java-1.6.0-openjdk-javadoc                        x86_64                        1:                          updates                         15 M
java-1.6.0-openjdk-src                            x86_64                        1:                          updates                         39 M
Installing for dependencies:
flac                                              x86_64                        1.2.1-6.1.el6                                     base                           243 k
giflib                                            x86_64                        4.1.6-3.1.el6                                     base                            37 k
jline                                             noarch                        0.9.94-0.8.el6                                    base                            86 k
libasyncns                                        x86_64                        0.8-1.1.el6                                       base                            24 k
libogg                                            x86_64                        2:1.1.4-2.1.el6                                   base                            21 k
libsndfile                                        x86_64                        1.0.20-5.el6                                      base                           233 k
libvorbis                                         x86_64                        1:1.2.3-4.el6_2.1                                 base                           168 k
pulseaudio-libs                                   x86_64                        0.9.21-14.el6_3                                   base                           462 k
rhino                                             noarch                        1.7-0.7.r2.2.el6                                  base                           778 k
tzdata-java                                       noarch                        2014b-3.24.el6                                    updates                        148 k

Transaction Summary
Install      15 Package(s)

After you install these packages, you can run your Selenium. The output should look like:

[root@ns1 selenium]# java -jar /usr/local/bin/selenium-server-standalone-2.41.0.jar
May 27, 2014 2:21:52 PM org.openqa.grid.selenium.GridLauncher main
INFO: Launching a standalone server
14:21:53.219 INFO – Java: Sun Microsystems Inc. 23.25-b01
14:21:53.220 INFO – OS: Linux 2.6.32-279.19.1.el6.x86_64 amd64
14:21:53.401 INFO – v2.41.0, with Core v2.41.0. Built from revision 3192d8a
14:21:53.738 INFO – Default driver registration is skipped: registration capabilities Capabilities [{platform=WINDOWS, ensureCleanSession=true, browserName=internet explorer, version=}] does not match with current platform: LINUX
14:21:54.264 INFO – RemoteWebDriver instances should connect to:
14:21:54.265 INFO – Version Jetty/5.1.x
14:21:54.266 INFO – Started HttpContext[/selenium-server/driver,/selenium-server/driver]
14:21:54.267 INFO – Started HttpContext[/selenium-server,/selenium-server]
14:21:54.267 INFO – Started HttpContext[/,/]
14:21:54.311 INFO – Started org.openqa.jetty.jetty.servlet.ServletHandler@380a81fd
14:21:54.312 INFO – Started HttpContext[/wd,/wd]
14:21:54.314 INFO – Started SocketListener on
14:21:54.314 INFO – Started org.openqa.jetty.jetty.Server@1cde0cc2

Have fun!



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